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Transportation Service

We haul grain , fertilizer and feed in the Midwest and Prairie Provinces.

Canada: Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

United States: Iowa , Nebraska , Minnesota and Wisconsin.


  • Reliable service based on our loyal drivers.
  • Trustworthy delivery based on the solidity of our more than 9 years old company.
  • Professional certified staff that can help with any questions or concerns regarding our business.
  • We are proud to offer steady hauling with moving our grain , fertilizer and feed products throughout the prairie provinces. 

Mission and Vision

We strive to offer superior Service for Success.


At Desperato Flats Inc. we are quality driven to provide the best transportation services possible by moving your product from origin to destination safely, efficiently and on time.

Our number one goal and priority is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.


Helping companies around Canada and USA move their freight efficiently and cost effectively as possible. We want to be recognized as a premier choice among our current and prospective shippers we provide transportation services for.

Why Choose Us

More than 9 years of experience in the trucking industry. We are fully insured and maintain our fleet to the highest standards for reliability, safety & performance for transportation.

Customer Satisfaction

100% customer satisfaction commitment.


Dedicated team of experienced drivers and logistics professionals.


Good time management, and are able to maintain and keep equipment in clean condition and good working order. 


We are committed towards providing our clients the highest quality of service at the most economical costs with our professional and expert advice. We strive to be the best in the industry. Let’s work together to grow!

Frank Enns, CEO
Desperato Flats Inc

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